Michael Ulle is a communication designer, starting his career back in 1989. that’s the short answer. the longer answer is best provided by mentioning a few of the things he‘s been up to lately. Michael created advertising for advertising agencies and design studios that crosses all media. Started working in germany via london, milan, dubai, bangkok, mumbai and new delhi, and now working from his german office as a freelance designer for agencies, design studios and some private clients. Michael has built relationships with his clients by using a few revolutionary techniques: listening to them; learning from them; respecting them. In other words, Michael is not interested in following tradition. He is a creatively-focused designer who has courted and won international assignments from day one; truly offered integrated solutions when some designers are still struggling with that necessity; and embraced partnerships with his clients, rather than settling for the old customer-supplier relationship. So far, it’s a plan that seems to be working.

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