Mein kleines Designbureau am Innenhafen darf die komplette Gestaltung anlässlich des 20 Geburtstages des Duisburger Innenhafens übernehmen. Unter anderem wird eine digitalisierte Skyline des Innenhafens herausgegeben – in einer hochwertigen Ausstattung in limitierter Auflage und auf Chromolux-Papier gedruckt, von mir handsigniert und nummeriert sowie eine 40seitige Broschüre und weitere schöne Dinge. Good things come to those who wait… Mono Design Lounge was chosen to design the corporate identity and editorial design for the 20th annual of the inner harbor in duisburg, a town in north rhine westfalia/ruhr area. The digitalized skyline shows the inner harbor of duisburg today, but with a technique that would have been chosen 20 years ago. Printed on silver Chromolux paper in matt black, the edition of two posters are signed and numbered, published in a limited edition. Also available are amongst others a 40 page brochure and some other beautiful things. The photography on the inside spreads are made by Duisburg based photographer Friedhelm Krischer, project coordination by Dagmar Bungardt, the Designer is Michael Ulle (Mono Design Lounge). The transformation of the inner harbour site into a new "harbour district" providing residential, working, cultural and leisure facilities is one of Duisburg’s most innovative projects featuring both functional and artistic aspects. The Garten der Erinnerung (Garden of Remembrance) in the Altstadtpark (Old Town Park) near the Jewish Community Centre is the work of the Israeli artist Dani Karavan. In his work he has deliberately left the outer walls of demolished houses and stairways untouched in order to recall the architectural past of the harbour area. The pedestrian bridge to the marina is extraordinarily flexible. Within the space of six minutes it can be arched upwards to allow incoming boats to pass beneath. The rear section of the harbour has been closed off. Here, along a row of old warehouses, the "Five Boats" and small Dutch-type canals a unique mixture of cafés, bars, restaurants and a museum of contemporary art are turning the area into a highly popular waterside leisure resort.

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